Diaspora: A community formed by a group of people, their language and culture once they have immigrated

to another place.







Ivan Amaranto

Ivan was born in Ocaña, Santander Colombia and inherited his artistic talents from his parents. He has painted all his life and is part of the MACI (Independent Indigenous Cultural Movement).

Jaime León

Jaime was born in a small town in the mountains and since childhood showed a passion for painting. He has a BA and has participated in exhibitions in Central America and the Caribbean. He worked for many years in rehabilitation centres applying his artistic knowledge as part of the therapeutic process.

Tatiana Molina

Tatiana Molina is an artist, dentist and homeopath. Her works reflect the way she perceives the reality and is characterized for its vibrant and drastic colors.

José David Motta

José David has been paitning and doing exhibitions since an early age. His search is focused on the color and the location of elements on the space. His element, the round onion, its colors, geometrics and sweet way of refelecting light have become an i.d. of his work.

Gloria Palacio

She graduated on Arts at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She has exhibited her work in the USA, France, Colombia, Ukraine, Japan, England, Poland, Germany, Holland, Spain, Belgium and Japan.

Liliana Rodríguez

With her art Liliana seeks to bridge the personal and the universal. The meanings of certain shapes have multiple cultural connotations, and always vary according to personal expectations and desires. Each individual finds what she needs to see, sees what she has been conditioned to seek out. Ultimately, she strives to create works that stimulate contemplation beyond the familiar forms that they depict—they have the potential to set off an array of personal responses.

Sandra Sierra

Sandra has a BA from the Andes University in Bogotá. Her recent work has been dedicated to Bogotá, city where she was born and that she feels nostalgic for after 11 years of living in Canada. Through her paintings she gets a sense of belonging that is lost after so many years of living away.

Beatriz Valencia

Beatriz considers herself an “aficionado” that began painting 8 years ago. Her inspiration comes from Colombia´s natural beauty. its flowers, traditions and landscapes. For her, art opens an escape from reality and opens the doors for imagination where she explores her emotions and connects them with nature.



This exhibition explores the humor that characterizes Colombians. Some of the most celebrated Colombian cartoonists are sharing a variety of works on politics, family and travel.

Featured Cartoonist include:
Juan Camilo Lopera Arroyave, a.k.a Jùcalo
Harold Trujillo a.k.a Chócolo
Diego Fernando Agudelo a.ka.. Tierraboca
Elena Ospina Mejia
Omar Figueroa a.k.a. Turcios
Mauricio Parra Bosco
Luis Eduardo León a.k.a. León
Adriana Mosquera Soto a.k.a. Nani Mosquera
Jaime Poveda a.k.a. Bacteria
Jairo Peláez a.k.a. Jarape
Arlés Herrera Calarcá
Diego Herrera a.k.a. Yayo
Laura Patricia Peláez a.k.a. Guaica
Raúl Fernando Zuleta
Camilo Andrés Triana Cubillos a.k.a. Triana


Historical objects and stamps will be shown in the Marilyn Brewer Community Space with a guided tour by the collection’s owner, Alfredo Correa.

Born in Medellín and proud of being “paisa de pura sepa,” Alfredo Correa has a passion for history and is an admirer of hero, visionary, revolutionary, and liberator Simón Bolivar. This admiration took him to begin his stamp collection on this historic figure. His likeness and taste for antiques comes from his father, who upon his death, donated most if his collection to create a museum in his hometown, Sonsón, called “La Casa de los Abuelos.”

Alfredo will share part of his collection and his inseparable “carriel” with all its content: objects with historical and sentimental value that reinforce his roots and his love for his homeland.


Hermanitas Carrilera

Constanza and Carolina, the duo behind Hermanitas Carrilera, were born in Bogotá, Colombia. They both started their music studies at the age of six and seven, respectfully, at the National University in piano and violin.

The creation of the group Hermanitas Carrilera was an idea from their parents when they used to host family parties at home. The folkloric Colombian songs performed at family parties were originally taken from a recognized female duet called Las Hermanas Calle from the 1970s. Their lyrics often talked about cheating, love and revenge in a peculiar and amusing way.

Hermanitas Carrileras revisit these folkloric Colombian songs with their own cheerful rhythms and funny lyrics.

Louis Bianco

Louis was born in Bogotá and has played the marimba since he was a child. With his brothers they created the group Musaba and toured extensively. He then moved to New York and then Canada where he has performed at numerous events with his captivating sound.


Diego Marulanda Quintet

Presented with the support of Francisco Garzon, Real
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Diego Marulanda is a renowned dance, theater, film and television composer with vast experience in contemporary and world music. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Diego is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter playing a vast array of contemporary and traditional Latin American instruments.

The Diego Marulanda’s Quintet explores the folklore of the Andean zone of Colombia with a modern approach, fusing contemporary and traditional instruments together such as double bass and yapurutus, piano and cuatro, guitar and maguaré. The members of the Diego Marulanda Quintet are among the top Latin Canadian musicians in Toronto.


Orquesta Fantasía

This 12-piece pioneering Latin music ensemble has been packing dance floors with their brand of salsa, merengue, cumbia and bachata for 30 years!

Since Orquesta Fantasía made its debut in January of 1978, the group has been a staple in the Latin American music community. The group’s lengthy list of career highlights includes sharing the stage with Oscar D’León, Eddie Santiago, Sonora Matancera, Coco Band, Son De Azúcar, Nelson Ned, Combo De Las Estrellas and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, just to name a few, and participating in a number of major music festivals. The band has also contributed to the soundtracks of two major motion pictures (That Old Feeling and Woo) and has released five albums in the process.

Carlos Bastidas Band

Carlos Bastidas’ music is best described as an innovative blend of folk, Afro-Cuban and jazz music. He is an award-winning composer and master performer of the South American bamboo flutes who moved from Colombia in 1990. Carlos completed a Masters of Music from the University of Ottawa and also earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia.

Carlos has performed with classical music ensembles as well as several world music ensembles in the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Cuba.


Tuna Lazos de Amistad

Tuna Lazos de Amistad is a community group formed by 22 people that love to sing and dedicate part of their time to enjoy Colombian music and sing the traditional repertoire of the “tunas". They are audience favorites wherever they perform.

Ruben “Beny” Esguerra
Solo Workz - One Man Show

"Descarga meets hip hop."

Colombia native Ruben “Beny” Esguerra is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and arts educator.

Beny's OneManShow: SOLO WORKZ is his most recent project that is taking audiences by storm as they witness the creation of layers of music produced live by one person. These highly participatory electro-acoustic performances bridge the gap between audience and performer as Beny engages the crowd through his original pieces that incorporate call and response refrains. His process involves beat boxing into an electric loop station creating repetitive patterns that are accompanied by violin vamps, interludes with wind instruments, and vocal hooks and verses, all while playing the congas along with a variety of foot pedals.

Beny's performances explore an array of Latin and Caribbean musical genres while incorporating original musical ideas influenced by the music and poetry of hip hop culture.




Son Llanero

Son Llanero was formed by a group of musicians that carry the spirit of the music from the plains in their hearts. All the performers have been passionate for the “música llanera” since their childhood and have been playing it ever since.


Ballet Raices de Colombia – from Montreal

Formed by Colombian artistic director Carlos Reyes in Montreal in 2001, the Ballet Raices de Colombia currently features 20 young dancers from different countries that have fallen in love with Colombian dance and culture.

Considered the best Colombian Folcloric group in Canada this group will be presenting "Encuentro con la Patria" (Encounter with Motherland), a showcase of Colombian rhythms, cadences, colours and festivities.


Zumba with Julieta Tabares
The most after-sought fun activity for the whole family!

The Zumba Program was created in the mid-90s by Colombian native Beto Perez. Inspired by the traditional cumbia, salsa, samba and merengue music he grew up with, Beto paired his favorite, pulsating Latin rhythms with the red-hot, international dance steps his clients loved and the Zumba Program was born.

About the Instructor:
Julieta Tabares is a native of Colombia. She grew up with Salsa, Merengue and all the other dances and music that her country is famous for. She is a small but powerful force who leads by example. Attend any one of Julieta’s classes and you’ll leave smiling, energized and excitedly looking forward to your next ZUMBA experience. When Julieta arrived in Canada, she decided to turn her long standing dedication to personal fitness into something more professional. Since she loves dancing and exercising, ZUMBA was a nature calling.



Olga Barrios Contemporary Dance

The Shower – La Ducha
A solo work inspired by stories from men and women from Colombia that features dancer/choreographer Olga Barrios.
This is a choreographic piece inspired on the daily and intimate aspects that refer to our vanity and the place we use to think: the shower. It explores simultaneous realities that in one or other way are part of our daily life.

This piece recently participated at the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival and has toured Colombia and New York.

Olga Barrios is a choreographer, teacher and dancer born in Bogotá, Colombia.  She studied Performing Artsat at the Bogotá Arts Academy ASAB and Advertising at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. She holds an MFA in Dance from York University in Toronto. Currently she continues her investigation, and her own artistic development in Canada.



Margarita María Rigó
Flamenco Show and Workshop J

oin Margarita for a short performance and a fun workshop where you can learn some flamenco basic steps.
Margarita María began her flamenco career in Granada, Spain at the Carmen del as Cuevas flamenco school. Upon her return to Toronto she enrolled at the Academy of Spanish Dance where she has trained in flamenco and classical Spanish dance ever since. Coming from a Colombian-Hungarian heritage greatly influenced Margarita María to explore various aspects of both cultures. Since 2007 Margarita María has taught as a Classical Spanish dance instructor for Opera Atelier’s The School of Atelier Ballet summer program.
In 2009 Margarita María joined theater group ‘Crisálida’ based in Toronto. In addition to her ongoing flamenco and classical spanish dance training with Esmeralda Enrique, she teaches both flamenco and classical spanish to children and adults at the Academy of Spanish Dance. She is also a student of the National Ballet School’s adult ballet program.



Frekuensia Kolombiana

Frekuensia Kolombiana explores the traditional forms of Colombian music and its relationship to hip hop. By ways of interviews, events, situations and landscapes, the documentary uncovers a youth that forms a movement of hope and truth.

As we witness their efforts to self-produce, organize and spread their knowledge, we realize their necessity to perpetuate, communicate, give and exist. Through the lyrics of their songs we discover the lucid consciousness of a youth seeking the awakening and renewal of society. This documentary is a representation of the voice of the Colombian street.

Directed by Vanessa Goksch.



Danza, Colombia!
Diego García Moreno
Canadian Premiere - Short Film Screening

And one… and two… and three… and four…
Bodies, gestures, skin tones, eyes, eyes, eyes, shoulders, feet, necks, hands, hips…
The floor, the sky, that wind that always comes back and pushes, that sea that breathes and inspires…
One community, another one, an etnia, another, a landscape, an atmosphere…
A drum, a maraca, a flute, a silence, a story, a long past, a confusing present… and the rhythm always there, that counting that unites us and turn us into collective action.

¡Danza, Colombia! is a choreographic documentary shaped by the diverse rhythms created by centuries of race-mixing of the inhabitants of a piece of territory from the Caribbean Region. Recorded in the intimate rehearsal space of contemporary and traditional dance companies, this movie is an approach, through movement, to those who use their humanity as language for liberty and bring back to the memory the smells of the Colony and slavery as well as the seduction and ecstasy.
!Danza, Colombia! Is a film that rends homage to the body, under permanent construction, that has become a symbol of memory, liberation, happiness and shelter against the pain, mutilation and death that this territory has to face.

!Danza, Colombia! Route 1: Region of Zenú – Montes de María – Cartagena is the beginning of a great trip through the surprising stage of Colombian dance.



Luna Arts Club Children’s Theatre

Luna Art Club is dedicated to the continual development of quality, recreational, performance-based theater programs and art crafts for children.




Cooking Demos hosted by Mary Luz Mejia

Mary Luz Mejía is a Colombian-born, Canadian-raised writer (food is her passion), researcher, presenter/speaker, food event curator/organizer, non-fiction documentary producer and cook. Whew! With a professional background encompassing food writing for print, television and the Internet, as well as working in food television as an associate producer, researcher and director, Mary Luz Mejía brings a unique, global perspective to the table. When not writing or working behind the scenes of a TV series, she can be found taking cooking classes wherever her travels take her (favorites include Madrid, Cusco, Mexico and some fine classes in home base Toronto).


Cooking Demo with Martha Martínez

Sponsored by Seltest 

Learn how to prepare and  have a taste of the delicious dish, arroz con leche, with Colombian chef, Martha Martinez.

Martha moved from Colombia five years ago and since then has been working hard to continue the cooking legacy she received from her mother, owner of a renowned business of traditional Colombian food. Her passion for cooking is inspiring.