Diáspora: The Community formaed by aa group of people, their language and culture once they have

migrated to another place.




Visual Arts



Bogotá MMX – 200 years after
Bogotá MMX, 200 years after, is an editorial adventure supported by the City Hall of Bogotá in association with Fundacion Tridha / Tridha Arts Association, as part of the projects to commemorate the celebration of Colombia’s Bicentenary of Independence. The book was conceived as a testimony to communicate through a fresh, simple and fluid language, to present and future inhabitants, the identity traces and local colour of this city in the year 2010.
This book is part of the documents included in the Bicentenary Urn (a time capsule) closed in May 2011 and that will be opened on July the 20th 2110.

Nereo López
Colombia's most famous photographer, Nereo López Meza, has spent sixty of his eighty six years working for his country's best newspapers and magazines, traveling around the world with personalities such as Gabriel García Márquez and Pope Paul IV, and captu- ring presidential visits to Colombia by John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. But it is in his photo- graphic essays, deep in the Amazon jungle, in the streets of Bogota, or up and down the Magdalena River where his genius is truly revealed.

Colombian Colours Photo Contest
Colombian Colours II Diaspora Festival launched in April 2011 an open call for members of the community to submit photographs with the theme of the festival. In this exhibition you will find the selected photos as well as the winner.


What did you bring?
When you move to another country you leave too many people and things behind. But there is usually one thing, an object, a photograph, something that means a lot to you and that you had to bring. Usually it is not something useful, or something other people would have brought but you could not conceive leaving it behind. What is it? You will be surprised by the things people brought and what they mean to them.



Alfredo de la Fe
Cuba-born and Colombian citizen violinist Alfredo De La Fe introduced the violin to the salsa genre and transformed it into an important sound of Salsa and Latin music. De La Fe has toured the world more than thirty times, appearing in concerts and participated in more than one hundred albums by such top-ranked Latin artists as Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Jose Alberto “El Canario,” Cheo Feliciano, The Fania All Stars and Santana. A child prodigy, De La Fe began studying violin at the Amadio Roldan Conservatory in Havana in 1962 and launched his professional career at the age of twelve, when he switched from classical music to Salsa and joined Eddie Palmieri’s Orchestra. Alfredo relocated to Colombia in 1983 and became a citizen of the country he fell in love with. He currently resides in New York and is considered one of the biggest stars in the salsa world.

Baru-Vibes was founded by Colombian born Juan Carlos Medrano. He came to Canada in 2006 with the group Wayove and only a few hundred dollars in his pocket but rich in his passion for music. Wayove soon disbanded, but Juan Carlos’ passion to create the music that was in his head never died. His musical roots are grounded in the folkloric rhythms and sounds of the Colombian north coast and he wanted to share that music with the world.
His first CD, Poco a Poco, released in the early part of summer 2011 will be performed live for the first time in this festival. His music maintains the structure in Afro-Colombian rhythms and with the creativity and help of producer Diego Las Heras, has taken the sound and energy of the music to a special place.


With original songs and a unique sound, Caché is one of the leading bands of the Latin Scene. Caché was formed in Decem- ber 2001 by a group of professional musicians committed to the develop- ment of original material, that believe Salsa is an urban expression of many Latin Cultures.
The band is formed by musicians with a variety of ethnic backgrounds: Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, Italy and Cuba. A combination that has created its unique sound with the groove of Latin music, a touch of jazz in a few melodies and an upbeat and energetic show. Cache has received the "Best Latin Alternative Band of the Year" - INDIES, "Best Instrumental CD" - TIMA and "Featured Latin Artist" - New Music Series, among others. www.con-cache.com

Carlos Bastidas Band
Carlos Bastidas’ music is best described as an innovative blend of folk, Afro-Cuban and jazz music. He is an award-winning composer and master performer of the South American bamboo flutes who moved from Colombia in 1990. Carlos com- pleted a Masters of Music from the University of Ottawa and also earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. Carlos has performed with classical music ensembles as well as several world music ensembles in the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Cuba. He was a finalist for the 2009 Mississauga’s Marty Performing Awards and Winner of the Latin American Achievement Award in 2005. www.carlosmusic.com


Diego Marulanda´s Quintet
Diego Marulanda, is a well establish JUNO nominated singer/songwriter, dance, theater, film and television scoring com- poser with vast experience in contemporary and world music. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Diego is a multi-instrumentalist performing as a vocalist, playing guitar, cuatro, tiple as well as numerous traditional Latin American instruments that make up his extensive collection. A contemporary upbeat, cutting-edge approach fusing rhythms and musical instruments ( bass guitar and yapurutús, Udu and cuatro, guitar and maguareé, Darbuka and pan flutes plus drums and vocals.).
For this year’s concert Diego will include the most popular songs on his repertoire as well as unpublished compositions that are part of his upcoming CD to be release in October 2011. Diego Marulanda’s Quintet members are among the top Latin Canadian musicians in Toronto: Luis Orbegoso, Claudio Saldivia, Richard Morales and Adam Hutchinson. diegomarulanda.blogspot.com

Dj Wayuu
Andrés Orbegozo, aka Dj Wayuu was born in Bogotá,and raised in La Guajira, Colombia and moved with his family to Toronto, Canada in 1997. He began his career as a DJ with the support of “Dos Mundos Radio” on 89.5 FM CIUT. DJ Wayuu has had quick success and has performed at Luxy Nightclub, National Film Board Mediatheque, and Yale University among others. He has shared the stage established artists such as Quantic, Uproot Andy, Geko Jones and Boogat. DJ Wayuu does not only focus on forward thinking music such as Digital Cumbia, he also has a passion for the traditional national rhythms and classics heard in Colombia. www.djwayuu.com

Folklore Urbano
Modern Colombian music is redefined in fresh, lively, provocative dimen- sions every time Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano hits the stage. This powerhouse 12-14 member orchestra seamlessly fuses the
danceable swing of traditional Colombian rhythms with the lush subtleties of contem- porary jazz harmonies and unique arrange- ments. Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano is the innovative project of Colombian bandleader, pianist, composer, and arranger Pablo Mayor. The group’s three highly- acclaimed CD’s, Aviso, Baile/Dance, and the latest Corazón, have been broadcasted throughout the World.

FUNKETE Late Night Party
A late night party Funkété style! Funkété is a monthly party created by Dos Mundos Radio (CIUT) with Dj eLman and Linterna. We have invited Colombian extraordinaire DJ Uproot Andy consid- ered one of the best DJs in New York at the momento. These trio will pull together the infec- tious beats of the world in the forms of Cumbia, Dancehall, Bassline, HipHop and Electro. www.dosmundosradio.com

After playing guitar and bass for several years with bands such as Sterling Black and Janine Farragher in Toronto, Juanse Morales decided to launch his solo album. In July 2010, he traveled to Colombia to record his CD “Persiguiendo Sueños” a 12-piece record of alternative rock-pop in Spanish that talk about love, destiny and inconformity always with a touch of humor and optimism. Live, Juanse Morales performs with his guitar to capture the essence of his songs transmitting his emotions to the audience. Juanse will perform as part of the literary event La Palabra se toma la Palabra. www.juansemorales.com

In the fall of 2003, KAFFE, a band in London, Ontario was formed. A young group of musicians developed and inte- grated their Latin American sound with a mix of rock, ska, salsa and folk. In kaffe is possible to feel the influence or great artists like Carlos Santana, Mana, Carlos Vives and more. Their lyrics have a posi- tive message of love for the life, respect for the animals and the nature.


Lead by one of Toronto's leading arranger/musicians, Luisito Orbegoso, Moda Eterna perform a classic salsa repertoire inspired by the late, great Ray Barreto.  Composed by some of the most on-demand musicians in Toronto,Moda Eterna plays classic salsa that has withstood different eras.  Luis Orbegoso (known in the latin recording industry as “Luisito”) was born in Lima, Perú in 1971 and moved to Canada in 1972. He became an honoured graduate of the Humber College music program in 1994 and has been a member of the Toronto Musicians Association since 1993. Luisito was a student of Memo Acevedo (professor of percussion at New York University) and jump-started his career as a professional bongo player with Memo’s ground breaking salsa band “Banda Brava” in 1993. Anyone who has ever heard Luisito never forgets him. He has performed and/or recorded with Stevie Wonder, Alex CubaLuis Mario Ochoa & CimarrónDominicanadaJerry GonzalezHilton RuizOscar de León,Hilario DuránDavid VirellesNick AliJane BunnettDiego Marulanda & Pacande,Chucho ValdézLos Muñequitos  de MatanzasChanguitoGiovanni HidalgoRalph IrrizarryThe Spanish Harlem OrchestraNelly FurtadoKenwood Dennard, Stevie Wonder, Alfredo de la Fe, Luisito Carrion, Cheo Andujar,  Jimmy Bosch, Horacio Hernandez, Mark Quiñones, and far too many more to list here. Luisito is one of the most in-demand percussionists in Toronto.


Salsa!! Dj Gury Gury vs. Dj José Ortega
Join us for Salsa!, a showcase of some great music from local collectors. Don’t miss this fun competition between two of the most well-known collectors of salsa music in Ontario. Jose Ortega, owner of Lula Lounge in Toronto and DJ Gury Gury, radio host from Kitchener, will make everyone dance with their unique music collection! Which one will surprise you most? There’s only one way to find out.
www.djgurygury.typepad.com www.lulalounge.ca


Ballet Raíces de Colombia
Formed by Colombian artistic director Carlos Reyes in Montreal in 2001, the Ballet Raíces de Colombia currently features 20 young dancers from different countries that have fallen in love with Colombian dance and culture.
Considered the best Colombian Folkloric group in Canada this group will be presenting "Encuentro con la Patria" (Encounter with Motherland), a showcase of Colombian rhythms, cadences, colors and festivities. www.brdc.ca

Barranquilla's Carnival
This festival is Colombia's most important folklore celebration. It is one of the biggest carnivals in the world, after Rio de Janeiro. The carnival has traditions that date back to the 19th century. Barranquilla's Carnival includes dances like the Spanish paloteo, African congo and indigenous mico y micas. Many styles of Colombian music are also performed, most prominently Cumbia and instruments include drums and wind ensembles. Join Martin Samuels, director of Caliente Dance Collective and learn some steps of these traditional dances.

Cumbia with Magnolia Arbeláez
Magnolia comes from the land of Cumbia, Colombia, and she just loves teaching it. It is just in her blood, like Salsa, and Merengue! Come join her and you'll see what we mean. You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow her lead. It's easy!


Flamenco Showcase
Margarita María began her flamenco career in Granada, Spain at the Carmen de las Cuevas flamenco school. Upon her return to Toronto she enrolled at the Academy of Spanish Dance where she trains in flamenco and classical Spanish dance. Since 2007 Margarita María has taught as a Classical Spanish dance instructor for Opera Atelier’s The School of Atelier Ballet summer program. In 2009 Margarita María joined theater group ‘Crisálida’ based in Toronto. In addition to her ongoing flamenco and classical spanish dance training with Esmeralda Enrique, she teaches both flamenco and classical spanish to children and adults at the Academy of Spanish Dance. She is also a student of the National Ballet School’s adult ballet program. www.margaritamariarigo.com

Tango Showcase

Colombia has a great tradition of Tango, specially in the central part of the country. This award-winning couple of dancers, Fabian & Roxana Belmonte, have performed and taught tango all over the world since the 1980s. Their distinctive interpretative style, characterized by complex and precise footwork and a touch of quick improvisation, shows a discreet hint of passion, elegance and daringness overall.

Besides being a Tango dancer, Fabian distinguished himself as a multi-faceted artist / performer who has appeared on scene not only as a dancer, but also as vocal singer and bandoneon player, in line with his lifetime passions that cover dance, music and history.Roxana & Fabian Belmonte have performed and taught internationally throughout the United States, Canada, Uruguay, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, China, Europe and Argentina.



Nukak Maku
This film is the first cinematographic docu- ment about the Nukak Maku, one of the last nomadic tribes of Colombian Amazonia. Discovered in 1988, this tribe had never met civilization. But today their existence is dramatically threatened.
Through the portrait of these survivors of prehistory, these "last green nomads", the whole issue of the saving of the Amazonian forest and its native populations is raised.


Crisálida is a non-profit arts organi- zation founded in 2006 whose mission is to build vibrant, healthy, civically engaged communities through innovative community-based arts practice among the Hispanic community of the GTA. People from different ages and walks of life converge in an artistic experience that allows them to be truly heard and acknowledged, reconnect with their roots, explore hidden talents, extend their social networks, and develop a positive sense of pride and ownership of the community where they live. For Colombian Colours, the group will present four short sketches in Spanish with subtitles in English: “Esto Si es Vida”, “La Propuesta”, “Diatriba de amor contra un Hombre Sentado” and “Me enviaron Flores”.



La Palabra se Toma la Palabra
(Event in Spanish)

Amazing Professional Events presents Colombian creativity in this unique event, through writings that express the deep thoughts of local community writers. Their rich imagination bring a unique reflection of our diversity and the cultural contribution to the Colombian Diaspora. Along the texts, the presence of young singer-songwriter Juanse Morales will bring the audience a variety of songs that talk about being away from home, love and destiny.


Freddy Vélez

This colombian opted for a career in journalism aiming at turning into a writer. Journalist from the Valle University in Colombia he began his career in the mid 80’s writing for newspapers such as El Pais and El Tiempo and obtained a mention of honour in the chronicles category in the Bonilla Aragón -1988 Newspaper national awards. In Canada, Freddy is the creator and organizer of “Bohemia”, a cultural latin-american gathering of talents that has been meeting since 2003 fostering the promotion of literature and music in the Spanish language in Toronto. His poetry has been shared with these audiences. Freddy also participated in the Collective Mosaic 21, a cultural initiative through the internet where he published several of his literary creations. He has been nominated twice as the best communicator in the Latin American Achievements Awards (2003 – 2004) and was nominated in 2010 in the “Ten Most Influential Hispanics in Canada” awards.

Pilar Cristina González

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Cristina graduated in Philosophy and Literature at the Pontificia Bolivariana University. She also studied Philosophy and pedagogy in Spain and has taught Philosophy, Literature, Oratory, Spanish and Classic Greek. She completed a masters in Literary Arts at the U of T where she works in conjunction with Philosophy and Literature. She has developed several workshops in literature and writes poetry. Her poems have been published in supplements and magazines throughout the internet.  She also works with sensorial and community theatre with young actors as a means of discovery and integration with society and the individual. She is the coordinator of the teach2 Learn” a program that strives to support the academic integration process of Spanish speaking youth.

William Serrano

A Business Administration graduate, William embraced his art by taking a playwright and marionettes and Creative literature course in the USA, embracing multiculturalism through art and Literature and Hispanic Studies in Canada.  His artistic work has seen him as a Director of Urban Culture Club, Member of The Vancouver Guild of Puppetry and participated actively in cultural programs such as “Google Power” 2005 Musical learning show winner of international awards and Kids on the block 2004 Educational programs which enlighten children on the issues of disability awareness and social concerns As an author his work called “The Canadian Snowman” a short story that saw him receive honours as the invited artist to the Vancouver/99 Fringe Festival. He also writes bilingual Spanish-English stories and participates as a Story teller at the Vancouver Public Library, the Vancouver international storytelling festival and the Knowledge network.

Jackeline Barragán

Jackeline Is the Manager of Community Health Programs at Black Creek Community Health Center. She earned a Bachelors degree in Economics from the National University of Colombia and a Masters degree in Social Planning from University of Toronto. She has over twenty years experience in community development and capacity building as well as hands-on experience in designing, implementing and evaluating health promotion programs. Some of her hobbies include reading, writing and painting. She was born in Colombia and came to Canada in 1997.


Juanse Morales  -  Singer Songwriter

After playing guitar and bass for several years with bands such as Sterling Black and Janine Farragher in Toronto, Juanse Morales decided to launch his solo album. In July 2010, he traveled to Colombia to record his CD “Persiguiendo Sueños” a 12-piece record of alternative rock-pop in Spanish that talk about love, destiny and inconformity always with a touch of humor and optimism. Today Juanse Morales performs with his guitar to capture the essence of his songs transmitting his emotions to the audience. www.juansemorales.com

Martha Cecilia Colonia Espinosa

Martha Colonia’s parents were always very much in love and would often write poems to one another. Her mother once wrote a book of poems “Cancionero de Amor” dedicated to her husband. She thinks this is the reason she likes Poetry. As a teenager in high school, Martha published her poems in both newspapers of her city, Santiago de Cali, and then worked as managing editor of “Letras en Conflicto”, a student-run literary and poetry magazine. She participated in the Literary Workshop directed by Harold Kremer at the Universidad Libre de Cali. In Toronto she has helped promote a variety of Colombian authors, acted in theatre performances and taken part in the artistic meetings of “Bohemia” the Latin-American Cultural “Peña” managed by Freddy Velez. Her literary pursuits and her profession in the rehabilitation field are strongly connected: as a Physiotherapist she believes that the written word is a fundamental component of therapy and helps to alleviate body pain, and mental/emotional distress, at the very minimum. She is currently working on a book of short stories and creating her second poetry book.

Edison Osorio

A fourth year student of Art Criticism and Curatorial Practice at OCAD. He writes creatively and holds a great interest for romantic fiction and visual arts. Although artistic expression wasn’t strongly encouraged growing up, Edison was never dissuaded from pursuing his love for writing and art. He played the sport his father adored, having even been named after his father’s favourite soccer star. Though Edison was a strong player, he knew soccer was not his passion. It was only until his parents separated and his mother and only brother left their lower middle class life in Manizales, Colombia for the United States, that Edison realized he also needed a change. Leaving the mountainsides behind, Edison began his journey crossing not only the Guatemala-Mexico border but the Mexico-US border with nothing more than determination and a backpack. The trip lasted for nearly five months in an attempt to seek better opportunities and a community that would support his ideas.  Choosing to use art as his primary means of expression, Edison not only left his home and his family but also embraced a passion they did not believe in. He has made great strides in order to achieve success within the art world but also does not forget that he has to continue living his life in order to confidently speak within it.

Camilo Ramírez

A husband, father and engineer, Camilo is a part time writer and a full time dreamer. He writes about the simplicity of life, its value and to thank God for everything he receives on a daily basis. Poems, short stories and deep personal experiences are the essence of his first 3 books. A new one is in progress hoping for more to come. Like you, he is striving to leave a good footprint in this world






Cartoon workshop
Are you ready to let your hand draw? Kiddo Magazine invites you to a drawing work- shop presented by their in-house illustra- tor, Juan Correa. Open for all ages, you will be able to learn how to draw Kiddo's green hero, Kaptain Leaf, and share his adven- tures. Come and join his crew of helpers making our home a greener place to live in. Juan Correa is a professional artist and he does that with such a passion that is contagious. He draws a lot of the animations you see on Kiddo Magazine. He is inspired by those unani- mated creatures that are already alive in his mind and come alive in our world once he materializes them on paper with his powerful expression. www.kiddomagazine.com

Produced by Tridha Arts Associtaion, thi is a seminar in spanish directed to artists and given by experts that have lead successful projects and experiences at a national and international level. Its main objective is to generate a thought of undertaking, organize thoughts in artists dedi- cated to the music and dance and cultural industries while preparing those that are interested in participating in festivals, markets and confer- ences.

Drumming Workshop for Children and Adults
Everyone is invited to participate in two drumming workshops lead by Ruben Esguerra. Born in Colombia, Ruben 'Beny' Esguerra is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and arts educator. As a musician and drummer he has been a band Leader of:
several musical groups including acclaimed latin-jazz outfit CHIVA (2002-Present). As a lyricist he has performed his pieces in festivals held in Havana (Cuba), Caracas (Venezuela), Bogotá (Colombia) As an arts educator Beny currently spends much of his time facilitating workshops through the Ontario Arts Council's 'Artist in Education Programme'. www.newtraditionmusic.com

Joropo Dancing Workshop
Marina Sandoval studied modern dance, Colombian folklore and choreo- graphy, with the late Jacinto Jaramillo a renowned researcher, choreogra- pher and director in Bogotá, Colombia. While performing with the Ballet Cordillera, she travelled to Spain, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Ecuador and spent much of her time facilitating workshops bringing dance as a

medium for healthy self-expression to inner city schools as well as com- munity centres in the outskirts of Bogotá.


Tagua Jewelry Workshop
Commonly known as ivory palms, ivory-nut palms or Tagua palms this seed grows in Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. This seed is compostable, fair trade, and eco-friendly. Colombian jeweler Ana Maria Cruz, will teach you about this seed and give you material to 15 participants to create their own piece.

Tango Workshop
Come and have some fun learning how to dance tango with award-winnign dancers Roxana and Fabian Belmonte.

Cooking Demos
(limited capacity)

Hosted by Mary Luz Mejía
Mary Luz Mejía is a Colombian-born, Canadian-raised writer (food is her passion), researcher, presenter/speaker, food event curator/organizer, non-fiction documentary producer and cook. Whew! With a professional background encompassing food writing for print, television and the internet, as well as working in food television as an associate producer, researcher and director, Mary Luz Mejía brings a unique, global perspective to the table. When not writing or working behind the scenes of a TV series, she can be found taking cooking classes wherever her travels take her (favorites include Madrid, Cusco, Mexico and some fine classes in home base Toronto).

Cooking Demo with Martha Martínez
Learn how to prepare and have a taste of the delicious platain-made treat “Aborrajado” from the Pacific Colombian Coast and the incredibly soft “Mantecada” dessert, with Colombian chef, Martha Martínez.
Born in Bogotá, Martha discovered her love for cooking at the age of six and with her mother began a journey through the culinary world. Upon finishing high school she studied Accounting at the National University because "it will give you money to live". But she never abandoned cooking and on her spare time takes courses and classes. She is never tired to cook, enjoys every dish she prepares and shares with us her favourite seasoning: a certain percentage of love. Martha moved from Colombia six years ago and since then has been working hard to continue the cooking legacy she received from her mother, owner of a renowned business of traditional Colombian food. Her passion for cooking is inspiring.





Family and Kid Activities

Harbourkids Tent
Party Kids invites children of all ages to create beautiful Colombian animal masks, have their faces painted and create figures with balloons. There is also an opportunity to make crafts using Colombian coffee beans. Party Kids is a company dedicated to creating fun activities for kids and families. www.patykids.ca

Scavenger Hunt
Kiddo Magazine is proud to invite you and your family to share, learn or re-discover Colombia´s cultural heritage and create awareness about conservation of the environment. Our green hero “Kaptain Leaf” will guide you through passages of beautiful Colombian towns. Families will move along a fascinating journey, gathering clues at each town and solving riddles to win amazing prizes. You and your family have a date with culture, “Kaptain Leaf” -protector of our environ- ment- and with the Kiddo Magazine Team

Tejo and Rana Games
Tejo is a traditional sport in Colombia and is played by throwing a metal plate or disc to strike the "mechas" in the middle of the target. The sport was played over 500 years ago by the indigenous groups.
The rana is a game of precision where the player tries to introduce a metal disc in the multiple holes that the table has. Some of the holes have obstacles and determine the level of difficulty and the amount of points won.

Zumba Dance for Children
Bring your energy and sense of humour and join Luna Art Club´s children on stage for a fun and energetic Zumba class! Zumba was created by Colombian native Beto Perez. Inspired by the traditional cumbia, salsa and meren- gue music he grew up with, Beto paired his favourite pulsating Latin rhythms with the red-hot, international dance steps his clients loved and the Zumba Program was born. Fun for the whole family! www.lunaartclub.com

Our MCs

Keiter Feliz
Keiter Feliz is a lawyer, real estate agent and professional radio host. He moved to Canada in 2002 and during the last 16 years has worked as a radio host in Dominican Republic and Canada. He currently hosts and produces the hispanic radio talk show “Al Día con la Comunidad” in Radio Voces Latinas from 6 to 10 a.m. He also works as a motivational hispanic student speaker at the Spanish Speaking Education Network. Keiter is always promoting Latin American and Canadian culture motivating everyone to learn about other communities.

Martha Pinzón
Martha Pinzón is a radio and television producer and presenter. She began working in Telelatino with a span- ish community show and is currently engaged in Spanish and English media with the radio show “Los Vecinos” and TV show “Now What”. Martha is the director of MP Commmunications, a company dedicated to the presen- tation of programs and events as well as the design of communication strategies and social marketing. www.mpcommunications.ca