Diáspora: The Community formaed by aa group of people, their language and culture once they have

migrated to another place.




The idea born from the heart of the Casa Cultural Colombiana in 2009 in collaboration with different community associations and supported by two important partners - Harbourfront Centre and Tridha Arts Association - made the festival’s first edition in September 2010 possible.

After this successful first event, the proposal of producing the festival in the summer came up and as a result we are pleased to present you with what you are witnessing now: a festival conceived as an exceptional event where art meet its public and where large numbers of people meet art, understood in its broadest sense.

This year our focus is on the diversity of colours that Colombia offers to the world. We believe in building community through the arts. Our Artists – musicians, writers, actors, dancers, you name it –bring a multitude of colours represented in their innovative disciplines and have the opportunity to create and present their work within a festive environment.  This is the essence of our event: making room for art and artists to reach the largest public.

This festival is an incredible opportunity to discover and promote the work that Colombian Diaspora artists are doing and show what they have to say about society, their adaptation process, how they have evolved, how have they fused with the new cultures they are being exposed to.

May these 3 days give you an opportunity to enjoy our diversity, some of our infinite cultural expressions and our share our intention of continue building a stronger culture that means strong lives, strong people, and a stronger society.

We want to thank the partners and sponsors – without them we would not be able to make this possible – and also to those who have believed in this project from the beginning. We also want to thank those who did not believe – and probably still don’t do. They have allowed us to be under pemanent self-evaluation and make a better event.

Welcome to Colombian Colours - II Diaspora Festival!